Zao has been crafting effective, elegant WordPress solutions since 2007.
Here are a series of blog images, character illustration and avatar designs I'm currently working on.

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Zao blog: How Communication Plans Improve Our Products

Zao blog: Zao Open Source Philosophy

Simple shapes make the character.

Wireframe of assembled shapes.

The shapes come to life.

Character style and development was inspired by a great online tutorial on simple character art by well known illustrator and designer Von Glitschka. That mixed with some of my previous character art resulted in what you see here.

Oh hey, it's Justin!

Oh hey, it's JT!

Oh hey, it's Liz

Oh hey, it's Mihai!

Oh hey, it's Jon + 1

Oh hey, it's Stacy!

BLOG: How to write code modularly so you don’t have throw it all out if you get something wrong. My direction and design shows subdividing the code (program code) mixed in with a human element modulating the experience.